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Swine Nutrition 
Infinity Feeds, LLC offers feeds are designed to maximize the return on investment potential from your breeding stock from Land O’Lakes and Purina Mills Large Animal Nutrition. The nutrient balance provided by our suppliers’ feeds supports lower breeding herd replacement costs by optimizing herd longevity through nutrition.
Our swine producers rely on Land O’Lakes and Purina Mills Large Animal Nutrition feeding programs, which are backed by industry-leading experts and consultants, that offer services tailored to maximize the value of their feeding programs. Research-proven, quality feeds are the foundation of our swine feeding product lines.
We offer research-proven, high quality feeds and innovative technologies are the heart of our swine feeding product lines. Partnering with Land O’Lakes Feed and Purina Mills Large Animal Nutrition assures producers of high quality feed and nutritional products for pork production.
The staff at Infinity Feeds, LLC will meet with you to find solutions with your piglets and review our natural pig starter-grower ration to supply feeds. They are filled with all nutrients necessary for younger piglets. In turn helping you with:
  • Rate of Gain
  • Maximize Litter Weaning Weights
  • Nutrition and Weaning Age

Contact us today to find thr right solutions for your farm. Click here for a list of services.

Infinity Feeds is proud to handle (9) different swine feed starters from Purina Mills and several swine feed products from Land O' Lakes. Contact us today to discuss the proper package for your livestock

Purina Mills® Pig Booster 350-Phytase with LEANMetrics® Technology is a medium inclusion starter basemix that contains all nutrient needs of young pigs except corn, soybean meal and a LeanMetrics® premix product.
Purina Mills® Nature's Match™ Starter-Grower Feed is a complete, all natural pig starter-grower ration to supply all nutrients necessary for pigs weighing 25 lbs. to 100 lbs. designed to maximize performance and minimize waste. Offering
Complete all-natural ration for convenient feeding and inventory.
Pelleted to promote early consumption and minimize feed wastage. Versatile to fit all feeding systems.
Encourages early feed consumption assuring a fast start.

354 Morrow Street
Seymour, WI 54165
Phone: (920) 833-2349 or (800) 686-1336 


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