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Fitter’s Edge®
Get your best animals on Honor® Show Chow® Fitter’s Edge® feed today so they can reach their full potential.
This is a complete balanced diet formulated for optimum growth and development of show cattle. It can be followed by feeding Honor® Show Chow® Finishing Touch® feed. Fitter’s Edge® feed is supported by Purina Mills knowledge, experience and research.
  • Offers flexibility in feeding program
  • Can be fed as a complete ration to grow and develop show cattle
  • Can be blended with grain to achieve the desired rate of gain while maintaining a well-balanced ration


Showpig Grower T100
Honor® Show Chow® Showpig Grower T100 is a high protein feed designed for show pigs from 40-150 lbs. for optimal muscle development and growth.

  • Helps pigs reach their full genetic potential
  • For optimum growth and maximum muscle deposition
  • Helps fuel muscle synthesis without the “hard, ripped” look
  • Helps support normal immune systems
  • Helps improve appearance of muscle, skin and hair


X-Clamation™ Show Goat
  • Formulated for the unique nutritional needs of goats
  • Provides the proper balance of high-quality proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients
  • Digestible fiber source provides a safe, complete diet
  • Proper calcium to phosphorus ratio - important in preventing urinary calculi and for proper skeletal growth.




Purina Mills Honor Show Chow offers best of show feed for all of your livestock needs!
AMPLI-Calf® Starters – a revolutionary breakthrough in calf starters!
AMPLI-Calf® Starter – for up to 12 weeks of age—delivers upon all key producer expectations for calf starters – and more! Now seasonally formulated, AMPLI-Calf® Starter offers calves the extra energy they need, when they need it.
AMPLI-Calf® Grower - specifically formulated for heifer calves age 12-24 weeks
AMPLI-Calf® Grower, provides the missing nutritional link between a healthy, weaned calf and a dairy cow with more profit potential.
After a strong start with AMPLI-Calf® Starters, AMPLI-Calf® Grower is proven to continue optimal growth and average daily gain, and to support rumen papillae development – all critical needs for helping a healthy, weaned calf become a dairy cow with more profit potential.

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